Searching for an ancient tunnel

in modern Uxbridge.

"Charming, Funny & Seriously Interesting ... Have a little listen." - James O'Brien LBC Radio

"Our minds are full of unexplored tunnels. Scott and his community of adventurers aren't just searching for the tunnel beneath Uxbridge. They're mining for what lies hidden in all of us" - Matt Allwright - BBC Watchdog & Rogue Traders

"Just listened to this epic podcast.  Just awesome. You’ve brightened many a day especially mine.." - Lord John Randall of Uxbridge

"This is a rip roaring old school adventure told in beautiful and humorous way. I'm hooked." - Iain Lee - Talk Radio

"I've just listened to a podcast by a man I've never met about a tunnel that might not even exist in a town I've never visited. You should too" - Hippy Jon 

"Brilliant. If Adam Buxton isn’t shaking in his boots, he should be." - Tom Brown

"...Of course, you are perpetuating the urban myth that there is a secret tunnel beneath Windsor Street..." - Steve Parker, UxbridgeFM

EPISODE ONE ... No Smoke Without Fire

EPISODE TWO ... The Queen's Head

EPISODE THREE ... Libraries Gave Us Power

EPISODE FOUR ...The Lynch Green Martyrs

EPISODE FIVE ...The Light At The End

Here is a picture of the wall in the cellar of The Queen's Head, Uxbridge.  This wall is adjecent to the Windsor and is facing the church at the shortest distance across the road.  The dotted line in the second picture marks the spot behind the electrical box where the brickwork changes into (what appears to be) plasterboard. 


The theme tune to Tunnel Vision was created by RW Hedges and Luca Nieri and features on their single "Catacombs".  Hear more of their amazing work on Spotify here.


This podcast is not an exercise in selling T-shirts, but as we are a T-shirt printing shop, it would have been weird not do a T-shirt for the occassion.  Money raised from these will go back into the production of future podcasts.

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